How to Play Roulette Online

Since the 1600s, Roulette has attracted gamblers with thrill, charm, and excitement. This casino game had played worldwide because the rules are easy to learn. Bettors who know what they’re doing can find much meaning in Roulette. Before you turn everything black, read the link after the jump to this article’s detailed instructions to learn how to play this fun game.

The basics of playing Roulette Online


Be familiar with the methods

The French word for Roulette is “La Petite Roue.” There is 36 numbers wheel, plus a zero called a “00” on American tables. A croupier also spins a small white ball, which will land on one of the numbers tables. Bets have been put on the table in the spaces in which the ball could land.

The numbers and a few other methods are below:

*First 12

*Second 12

*Third 12







Understand the different “inside” bets

You must indicate the number or kind of pocket on which the ivory ball will land in casino Roulette. You can do this by placing a type of bet. “Inside” bets, or wagers put on exact numbers, usually pay out better.

You can bet:

*Betting on a single number “straight-up” pays thirty-five to one.

*It pays 17 to 1 to gamble on two digits in a split bet.

*Betting on three numbers on the “street” pays eleven to 1.

*For only one chip, you can gamble on three digits. You can put any “street” (the row of three digits) on the table map at the end.

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*Betting on four digits in the corner pays 8 to 1.

*A chip has located at the point where the four numbers intersect.

*Betting on six numbers in a six-line bet pays five to one.

*The chip has located on the corner of two intersecting lanes.

*The Five-number wager also pays 6:1 and includes “0,00,1,2,3” and the Row 00 bet. It pays 17:1 and covers 0 and 00.


Learn about “outside” bets

These bets are made outside the number map and do not include specific numbers, hence the name.

*If you wager on the color red or black, you’ll get a 1-to-1 payout.

*Once you wager even or odd, you’ll get a 1-to-1 payout.

*Dozen betting (1st 12, etc.) pays 2 to 1 when betting on 12 numbers in a column.

*Bets on the high or low end of the scale pay 1 to 1.

Evaluate your odds

At the roulette table, the house always has an edge (and every game in the casino). All bets on the French and American wheels are paid at odds, just like if the wheel only had 36 numbers. The 0 and, in America, the 00 give them an edge. Some ideas about how to improve your chances don’t work, though.


Tips on how to Play Roulette Online

Find a trusted online Roulette website or app

Selecting a trustworthy and legal website or app is essential when you plan to play online Roulette. It’s for the sake of protecting your investment and future profits. For this matter, they recommend OKBet; it is one of the Philippines’ legal and trusted casino betting sites. Also, it may secure your gambling activities and profits because it has protected SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL protects your transactions and private information. And okbet online casino has licensed to the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Aside from Roulette, you can check for many casino game offers.

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Find the table game once you get a trusted website to play

Each will have a placard with the table’s minimum or maximum bets because per table will contain a board showing which numbers the ball has landed on. Then you might think the chances of a number recounting are meager, but this is not the case. The odds of every number stay the same with each spin. Every time, the wheel and ball are the same.

Keep track of what’s going on

During the game, keep track of what’s going on. As dealers sometimes have destructive tendencies. During a given session, they may virtually release the ball with almost the exact angle and velocity. The actual numbers pass every time the dealer releases the ball, increasing the possibility that the ball will land on the same part of the wheel multiple times.


Hand the dealer your chips

Chips are available in a variety of monetary values. If you hand over your chips to the vendor, they will question what denomination you want them to be. You can construct them 1 or 100 if you’re at a table with a minimum of 5. Once you’ve decided, they’ll set a chip on the rail, followed by a marker to signify the worth of your colored chips.

Understand how a round works

The following round of play begins when the dealer has cleaned the table and paid the victors. He’ll wait for a moment to allow everyone to make their wagers. He’ll then toss the ball in the wheel, which he’ll spin. When the ball dives the track in the wheel, the seller will pronounce, “No more wagers!”

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Place your wager

The preferably six wagers place on the game table’s pockets, numbers zero to thirty-six. Place your bet on the empty pack beneath the three columns if you want to gamble on a column. Choose P12 in the first 12 digits, M 12 for the 12 middle digits, and D 12 for the final 12 digits for the dozen. Finally, use it on the red, black, odd, high, or low pockets to bet on the outside bets.

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