How Do International Flower Delivery Services Work – 2024 Guide

The art of giving flowers to your loved ones never loses its charm. A fresh bunch of blooms can brighten anyone’s day. Whether to celebrate an occasion like birthdays or anniversaries, an important milestone in life, or just simple wishes and greetings, a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers can mesmerize anyone with their aesthetic appeal and cheer.

And when your loved ones are thousands of miles away from you, sending them a beautiful bouquet of roses, carnations, or lovely orchids takes all the more effort. A heartfelt token of your love in the form of an exuberant basket of flowers, accompanied by a basket of fresh fruits or a freshly-baked chocolate cake, or an assortment of their choicest sweets or chocolates, can be the perfect gift you can think of!

International Flower Delivery


There is a whole collection of exclusive flowers and cakes, and chocolates available online these days. Distances don’t matter when the hearts connect. So, you just need to think about your loved one to whom you want to send your floral treat anywhere in the world.

Now, you cannot personally have the pleasure to pick up flowers and give them to your loved ones, but yes, online flower delivery services have made things as easy as they can get.

There is a whole fiesta of flowers available, so you don’t have to scratch your head thinking which flowers to send and which one to leave out. You have to make your choice and place the order, and lo and behold, your gift reaches your loved one within no time! Nothing gets better than this.

Send flowers to India from the USA as an exquisite token of your love and get same day flower delivery in India. All that you need is a good and reliable international flower delivery service that can understand what you need and cares for your sentiments just as you care for your loved ones out there.

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Let us see how.

Choose your flowers


You have the opportunity to feast your eyes on the spectacular collection of online choices available on the website. Choose your flowers.

We bet you will be spoilt for choice. There are elegant red roses and delicately perfumed pink ones and even white carnations or pink. There are even bright gerberas to add that extra vibe to a day. And nothing that beats a graceful bouquet of delicate yet exotic orchids!

It may be too difficult for you to choose among one type of flower, given the available choice and the variety that can confuse anyone. In such cases,  you can even send a combo or an alluring assortment in a basket or a gift hamper.

Choose your accompanying gift

At times, you may not find flowers just sufficient enough to convey all the love and emotions you have in your heart. Then, you can also choose a small gift to accompany your bouquet of flowers.

Make your loved ones out there smile at your sweet surprise. You can set up a delightful bliss in the form of a gift hamper with flowers, fresh fruits and a cake. Choose from the much loved chocolate truffle cake or the delectable butterscotch one.

If you don’t want to over-indulge, you can add an assortment of Ferrero Rocher or Cadbury celebrations chocolates or a box of Danish butter cookies that we are sure no one can resist. We even have a collection of dry fruits and traditional Indian sweets like Kaju Barfi and Kesariya Peda.

You can even splurge on a fruit basket filled with juicy seasonal fruits or create a hamper with something from everything.

Place Your Order

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Add to cart

This will be the most important step that will set things in action. Once you have selected the flowers and the accompanying gifts you need to send to your loved one, just add them to your cart. You can specify the number of items you need to send. Just in case you need to send your love to more than one person, you can add the items multiple times to the cart as well.

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Choose delivery date

A calendar will show up on your screen, and you can send the date when you want your gift to reach your loved one. It will be a standard delivery, and it is free of cost for delivery on the date specified by you. You can now see the final order on your screen. This includes the items you have selected, their quantity, and their price in Indian currency and US dollars.

If everything is rightly selected, and you don’t need to make a change, you can go ahead and review your order.

Type Your Message

We give you ample space to type a detailed heartfelt message to accompany your flowers and gifts to your loved ones. You can also add any optional comments in the separate box provided.



If you are lucky enough to have a Discount Code or a Gift Card, you can also use that during Checkout. Also, if you have ordered something unavailable at the place where you are sending your order, we will ensure sending the same through courier provided it does not consist of a perishable item.

You even have the option at checkout to choose your recipients. If you want to send the same gift to multiple people, you can choose that option, and we will take care of the rest. However, if you need to send different gifts to different people, you can go over all these steps again to place another order.

Choose your recipient’s name, relation to you, sender name, and the occasion you are sending the items from the dropdown list given.

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Enter Billing Information

This is the final section where you can either register for your account with a username and password or login to an existing one with your credentials. You can even log in with Facebook credentials.

There is also a quick checkout process to save you some precious time. You just need to enter your complete name and email address. After this, go through the billing details where you need to enter the sender and receiver’s complete address and phone number so that we do not miss any important details. You can even choose to get an order update on Whatsapp.



If you want to apply any discount coupons, now is the time to do so and get some discounts. All information you enter remains confidential and secure, so you need not worry about anything except placing the order.

Last but not least, make the final payment. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal debit or credit cards to make the payment through a secure payment gateway.

Deliver Flowers from Miles Away

Once you have placed the order with the correct details and made the payment successfully, you can now sit back and relax. We will take charge from there and ensure your loved ones get your chosen flowers and gifts on time wrapped in the warmth of your love.

This is the magic of choosing a professional and reliable international flower delivery service. You make your choice and see how fast your gift reaches your people!

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