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How Can You Make The Most Of Animated Videos? Learn How It Can Become One Of The Best Strategies For Your Brand

Animated videos have the habit of pleasing everybody, irrespective of their age and interests. Be it light-hearted humor or a satire on serious social issues; animated videos always make the audience go gaga.

The numbers also support the growth and popularity of the industry.

The latest report shows that the global animation industry is worth US$264 billion, growing at a healthy rate of 2-3% every year. The animation streaming industry, which includes VFX and video games, is worth US$3.5 billion and growing at 8% every year. Whether on a big screen or small screen, viewers are displaying more appetite for high-definition, visually pleasing, and realistic content that always makes the audience want more.

If you have been looking for a solid marketing strategy that can give you a healthy ROI even during the worst times, then you are in the right place. Scroll down to know how you can leverage the growing popularity of animated videos to take your brand to newer heights and how designing an animated video is more simple than you could ever think of.

The Top-7 Reasons That Makes Animated Videos So Popular

Going by the numbers, it is fair to assume that animation is set to grow exponentially. Let us understand the factors that are driving the growth of this US$ 264 billion industry.

  1. The majority of human beings are visual learners, 65% to be precise
  2. Animated videos satisfy the short attention span of internet users
  3. It can express complex social issues through simple language
  4. It makes the viewers feel nostalgic
  5. It delivers messages in a fun and exciting way
  6. Animation can be used for any kind of content and audience
  7. Producing animated videos are cheaper than producing full-scale videos

Now that you know the factors that are fueling the demand for animation let us understand how you can use animated videos to drive your bottom line northwards.

The Top-5 Ways How Animated Videos Can Enhance the Popularity of Your Brand

To err is human.

Animated videos take the uncertainty away that comes with real humans. Unlike real humans, animated videos never have their own tantrums. The characters will behave exactly the way you want them to behave.

That being said, let us divert our attention to a few more ways how you can create and publish animated videos to drive up revenue.

  1. Create Simple Videos That Deliver Powerful Messages

Video and social media are two sides of the same coin. A recent survey found that 85% of businesses consider video marketing as one of the most rewarding marketing tools. 88% of video marketers believe that video marketing boosted their bottom line.

As social media has emerged as one of the most popular alternative mediums of advertising, by creating animated videos, you can expect to reach your audience in a simple yet powerful way. Creating your first-ever animated videos is easier you can think.

Use an animated promo video maker for free and create fantastic animated videos that promote your brand by engaging the viewers with catchy graphics and music. o create an eye-catching animated video; you have to choose from the time-tested templates available, add videos, music, and images, edit the video, and publish it.

  1. Make Your Animated Videos Drive Up The Visibility of Your Brand

The world of web content is becoming claustrophobic. Search any topic, and you would find millions of websites jumping out to make it simple for you. To filter out the best from such a large pool becomes too difficult a task for users.

Animated videos take away the pain and explain complex things in simple terms. What’s more, as viewers spend more time watching your animated videos, Google secretly elevates your brand’s status in its website rankings. Hence, if you can motivate users to spend more time on your website, it can indirectly benefit you to get better visibility as a brand.

To make yourself visible, you should also use a few SEO strategies along with the engaging animated videos. Once these two are in place, the only thing that can stop your brand from spreading its wings is the brand itself.

  1. Drive Your Point Forward Within Seconds

Research suggests that the average attention span of internet users while watching videos is as little as 60 seconds. It also observes that the users are more likely to watch shorter videos than long ones. Hence, to make an impact, you have to keep your videos crisp and to the point.

An animated video is the best way to retain your audience for a longer time than they would when they visit a website or social media page replete with text and images. And when you keep the audience hooked to your videos for long, the chances of converting them into customers become easy.

Viewers remember colors and graphics more than they remember text. Use this knowledge to experiment with stunning colors for your brand. This will ensure that the viewers remember you long after they have left your video.

  1. Social Media Users Love Animated Videos More 

We can argue about it, but we cannot ignore the fact that social media is the best place to market your products or services. As people spend more and more time on social media to acquire knowledge and catch up with friends and relatives, it can be your best hunting ground for getting high-quality customers.

Although it is a known fact that social media websites must be on your radar for promoting your business, getting quality customers to visit your page isn’t easy. Thankfully, Facebook ad templates that convert can come to your rescue. Creating an animated video ad that enhances your page’s visibility will no longer be a monumental affair.

  1. Make The Users Fall in Love With Your Animated Characters

First thing first – every animated video you share should reflect your brand’s USP and the focal theme. You may create a few characters that resonate with the character and identity of your viewers.

Before creating a distinct character, research your audience well. Find out the likes and dislikes of your audience, make your characters face the same problems that your customers face in their lives, and show how your products or services can act as a blessing.


With InVideo, creating animated videos is as easy as ABC. As animated videos are the future, creating exciting videos can make you future-ready.

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