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House Of Cards: Why There Won’t Be Another Season?

However, House of Card’s sixth season was a major success and was already considered as the final season of the show. But there are still speculations regarding the seventh season of the popular political drama.

Renewal Status

If we are talking within the respect of expansion of the series, then we have a piece of bad news for the fans as there is no official confirmation by both the platform and showrunners. There are various reports which are suggesting that the series got canceled after the sixth season, and hence we are stuck with the fact that show’s future is uncertain.

Reasons For Cancelation

However, the show got canceled due to various reasons such as audience response and budget issues regarding the renewal. However, in the case of House of Cards, there aren’t any fixed reason which meets the requirement of its cancelation.

But there are some speculations which indicating the fact there been some cast issues which lead to its cancelation. Star cast involving in physical assault, and another reason is the main plotline of the show, which got diverted from the objectives as the show progresses the timeline getting more complicated that leads to the exit of some characters.

Chances of Revival

It happened so many times as the show got revived after the cancelation and worked well for the audience. But if we are talking about House of Cards, then show have the minimal chances of its revival and could be the end of the road for it.

However, if the cancelation speculations turned out to be true and there will be some petitions to bring back the show. Then we can conclude something that then only the show could back to its basics. However, the petitions sometimes are not much influential, and they remained a set of signatures signed by the concerned users.

The biggest petition signed for Game of Throne’s final season remake, and thus, there was no effect on the showrunners. The show reached success, and in the end, it didn’t go well for it as the twisted ending snatched its crown of the best show ever made.

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