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Extensive Guide to Cisco 300-415 Exam. Why Should You Consider Exam Dumps for Success?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to jobs in IT. As technology evolves, IT professionals need to adapt their skills to the new norm. Also, corporations are opening new positions for those specialists who can handle different technologies to improve business processes.

SD-WAN technology is one of the latest trends that not many IT pros know how to handle. Thus, passing the Cisco 300-415 exam can represent a huge plus to your resume. This test takes you closer to obtaining the CCNP Enterprise badge and represents the validation of your advanced skills in implementing and managing SD-WAN technology.

Are you curious to discover more about this assessment? You don’t have anything else to do but to read the paragraphs that will follow and note down the list of skills that you have to develop to pass this test. As we don’t want to let our readers down, we are also sharing interesting tips on the best materials to use for training. We will show you what Cisco has created for you in terms of preparation as well as how exam dumps can secure your success.

Cisco 300-415 Assessment Description and Domains

Any candidate who enrols in the ExamSnap Cisco 300-415 assessment will have 90 minutes to answer different sets of questions related to SD-WAN implementation. This test is the second step after exam 350-401 that you take to obtain the CCNP Enterprise accreditation and prepares you to become a certified specialist in dealing with enterprise SD-WAN technologies. There are six major topics which you need to solve in the main exam. Below you can find a short description of each of them and their proportion in the total items:

  • Architecture represents 20% of the total number of items and focuses on the SD-WAN architecture components.
  • Controller Deployment takes around 15% from the total exam content and concentrates on whitelisting and deployment of cloud features.
  • Router deployment of WAN Edge technologies covers approximately 20% of the total content. You should demonstrate advanced knowledge of OMP and TLOC management and configuration. 
  • Policies are important for any business. Thus, this topic weighs around 20% of the total score. You will upgrade skills in developing and configuring effective data policies and identify the best solutions on end-to-end segmentation.
  • Security and service quality concentrates on service insertion configuration and verification. 15% of the total questions will be related to this topic. So, you should be prepared to demonstrate your abilities to configure QoS and WAN edge router services.
  • Management and operation of vManage concepts cover the remaining 10% of all test questions. You should be ready to efficiently monitor REST API software and upgrade it according to the latest standards.

Training Options for 300-415 Offered by Vendor Itself

The Cisco official training for Exam-labs 300-415 exam is called Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (SDWAN300) and is the 1.0 version. Preparation with this course is conducted by top experts working for Cisco who have developed comprehensive training material to help exam-takers obtain the passing score from the first try. There two options that you can use to attend this vendor’s official course:

Instructor-led training – it is an intensive four-day classroom training where top trainers help you develop advanced skills on all six topics mentioned above using labs.

Virtual instructor-ledoption implies the classes online. Thus, candidates anywhere in the world can attend this class for 5 days and ask questions directly to Cisco’s best-in-class instructors.

Also, you can use the Cisco Learning Network and use additional training materials to gain in-depth knowledge of the test topics. 

While the vendor’s preparation materials can be extremely efficient, you shouldn’t miss the secret weapon that we have prepared for you. Exam dumps can make your prep process a lot easier and you will understand the topics better and faster. So, keep reading the article until the end to know more.

Exam Dumps Can Make Difference in Your Training Routine

Have you ever heard of Well, this platform is a hidden gem that not many exam-takers know about. In comparison to other scams available online, this website is a reliable platform dedicated to helping candidates pass Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, etc. exams. You will leverage your skills in 300-415 test if you download and use the free vce files of questions and answers. These files are uploaded by successful exam-passers who want to give a hand to the future students who struggle in learning for 300-415 assessment.

Also, you will have no emotions on the exam day once you start using the 300-415 Premium File. It is an expert-validated paid exam dump of 60 questions and answers that will cost you $29.99. You will pay this price only once and you will receive permanent access to premium questions and answers verified by top IT experts. Free and paid exam dumps from target the most difficult topics of the Cisco 300-415 test and help exam-takers master the notions extremely well. However, we’d like to point out that these dumps are downloaded in the vce format. So, you had better install the VCE Exam Simulator before you start preparing for 300-415. This educational software helps you create different exam trials and allows you to extract reports with your training progress. Thus, depending on your results, you will know how prepared you are to take the Cisco 300-415 test.


The Cisco 300-415 assessment is your key to becoming a certified specialist in implementing SD-WAN technologies. You may need it to obtain the CCNP Enterprise badge and advance further in your career. The vendor’s official course is extremely helpful in preparing you to succeed in 300-415 but it’s often not enough. You should also count on reliable exam dumps provided by if you want to strengthen your skills and leverage your chances to pass your accreditation from the first try. Good luck!

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