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Here’s What We Know So Far About Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend, Ana de Armas

It looks like Ben Affleck did not take much time from moving on from her ex Jennifer Garner; the couple had a lot of issues that played an essential role in their relationship ending.

Ben Affleck’s alcoholism was one of the significant reasons; the couple also shares three kids  Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

This is not the first time we have seen Ben with other women post his breakup, but this is the first time Ben has been recognized with another actress.


Ben has been with Ana Celia de Armas Caso, who is a 31-year-old actress showcasing her Cuban-Spanish heritage.

Ana began her career from Spanish movies, and now she has rolled her way into Hollywood, she has been seen in films like “War Dog” with stars like Hill and Miles Teller and “Bladerunner” next to Ryan Gosling.

Ana was recently seen in “Knives Out,” which was a huge success and had some of the most famous Hollywood actors.


Well, Ben met Ana on the sets of their new upcoming movie called “Deep Water,” Ana plays the characters of Ben’s wife in the film.

The movie revolves around the complicated relationship between the husband and wife, where the husband allows the wife to have affairs to avoid a divorce.

The movie is set to release in November 2023.


The couple was recently spotted on a beach in Costa Rica, and it was the first time cameras caught the two in public.

Ana posted a picture on her instagram from the similar day, and fans caught Ben’s comment on the post.

Ana recently had an interview with Vogue for their April issue, where she praised Ben for his acting skills, saying “his talent is infinite.”

It looks like the couple has been enjoying some particular time together, we are happy for Ben and Ana.

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