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Here’s What We Know About The Host Ellen DeGeneres Facing Criticism In Season 18 Of Her Show

Here is what we know about Ellen addressing the public regarding the allegations made against her!

Well, well, well, as of right now, Ellen DeGeneres herself has stepped out and addressed all the reports of mistreatment as well as misconduct which has been pushed up against her.

There were allegations that Ellen is not as nice as she looks on the screen while she does not treat the people behind the scenes like her crew members with appropriate respect. As of right now, in the opening monologue scene of The Ellen DeGeneres show, she hs talked about all of these.

Here is what Ellen talked about in the seven-minute video clip!

During the seven minutes of her video, the talk show host apologized to all the people who were affected and also said that she is now taking up responsibility for everything that happens at her show.