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Here’s The Ending Of Netflix’s Love Wedding Repeat Explained In Detail

Love Wedding repeat is Netflix’s newest rom-com movie but trusts us; it is not like your average rom-com.

The movie begins with a wedding and all guests assembling in for the wedding, but mid-way through the film the clocks are reset, and there is another version to the end.

The movie has two versions of ending at the cost of one, which means two different plots, this is a brilliant concept pulled by Writer and director by Dean Craig.

So the main question is which of the two endings is the real one? We are here to explain that to you!


The movie revolves around Jack who is trying to make her sister Hayley’s wedding perfect when his wild ex-boyfriend Marc shows uninvited, Hayley suggests Jack to drug Marc which he does. Still, the kids goof around and change the glasses, and accidentally Hayley’s maid of honor gets drugged.

This creates chaos the drugged glass has been circulated and Marc announces that Hayley and he has sex less than a week ago to which the groom Roberto storms out of the room goes on the terrace and falls possibly being dead.

Bu screen freezes at this moment, and the narrator tells us that’s what happens with a bit of bad luck and lousy seating, things start rewinding from thereon.

There are a lot of versions of the movie, but the end is where Jac drugs himself and can’t gain consciousness.

However, we never figure out which one is the real end to the story, that the deal of the movie it can either be a disastrous end or a happy ever after.

We would highly recommend you to go and watch the watch and let us know if you liked it!

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