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The OA Season 3? Netflix Updates On Revival

The OA ( stands for Original Angel) is a web series that has everything in it – supernatural, fantasy, and horror drama; everything being plated altogether. This is another original show curated by the most extensive online streaming platform Netflix. The show has successfully delivered two seasons till now, and fans are eagerly awaiting the third season to happen.

Storyline Of The OA Season 3

The show takes us onto the journey towards a different possible dimension where the world exists differently. This means that there is another world also. It is centered around a young blind girl who disappeared suddenly and came back after seven long years.

The OA Season 3
Source: Netflix

What comes surprisingly is that she can see the world through her eyes and now gathers a group of high school students to take them with her to discover the dimension themselves. A good story, coupled with brilliant acting, is what made it a good show.

Renewal Status Of The OA Season 3

However, it is very disappointing to inform you that Netflix had not renewed the show for further more seasons. The reason is not known. This is an official announcement made by the online streaming platform, hence what we are left is with only two seasons of the science-fiction drama.

Seeing the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, this can, too, be seen as a reason for Netflix’s decision since science fiction shows are trending and loved by the viewers. Nevertheless, we can do nothing for it and can only hope that the decision to revive it back for a brand new installment may come up in the future.

Star Cast Of The OA Season 3

The first and second season of the show starred some amazing actors and those include,

  • Emory Cohen,
  • Brit Marling,
  • Alice Krige and other artists.

Although, it might be sad news for most of you, do not get disappointed. There are plenty of other shows that are available on the streaming giant. Netflix is also coming up with many new TV shows and movies in this year and some of them are coming in July.

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