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Here’s How You All Can Use The New Guide Feature In Apple Maps

iOS 14 is a major update for iPhone clients

Bringing huge amounts of unmistakable and concealed highlights. One of those highlights is the new Guides include in Apple Maps which means to assist clients with finding new places to eat, shop, and investigate at whatever point they visit another city. To make this element valuable, Apple hosts banded together with third-gathering administrations including, Lonely Planet, the Washington Post, AllTrails, and then some. It is to guarantee that the information in the aides includes extensive and current. In this article, I am demonstrating how you can utilize the new Guides highlights in Apple Maps.

Note: The Guides include presently turning out in stages, so it’s not accessible in all urban communities at dispatch (San Francisco, New York, London, and Los Angeles). Ideally, Apple will rush to include more urban areas; along these lines, all clients can appreciate the advantage of this component.

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Utilize the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

Utilizing the aides’ highlight on Apple maps is simple. Here is how you can do it:

1. Dispatch Apple Maps and quest for the city you intend to visit. Suppose we need to investigate San Fransisco. Tap on the name to choose it.

2. Swipe up on the page to uncover more data. The off chance that the city underpins the aides’ highlight will appear under another “All Guides” area.

3. You can swipe on the guide cards to see the most mainstream aides or tap on the “See More” catch to uncover all the aides.

4. When you discover a thing you need to investigate, tap on it to uncover all the spots referenced in the guide on Map. Likewise, you can look down to uncover a card see for all the spots referenced in the guide, with subtleties.

5. Apple Maps likewise permits you to spare total aides or individual spots inside aides. To spare the total guide, tap on the “Spare Guide” button. For singular areas, tap on the + button close to the area name.

6. When you tap on either spare or + button, you will get an alternative to make your guide (or browse guides you have made). I like the choice to make records for individual aides as it lets me arrange the aides that I spare.

7. You can discover all the aides you have spared by swiping up the landing page of Apple Maps under the “My Guides” area.

All things considered, that is about it. Presently you realize how to utilize Guides on Apple Maps, so utilize it when this pandemic permits you.

Use Apple Maps Guides to Explore New Places

The new Guides include in Apple Maps is a brilliant asset to discover all the best areas to investigate in a city when you visit it. On the off chance that you don’t go out a lot, it can help you find more unfamiliar spots even in your city.

On the off chance that you loved this article, remember to peruse our different articles on Apple Maps, where we show how you can share live course ETA and stay away from costs and roadways during the route. In conclusion, do utilize the aides include next time you are making the rounds, and let us know whether it was helpful or not.

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