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Here’s How Doom Patrol Trolled Marvel Studios On Twitter

Well, over the weekend, Warner Bros. successfully ran its own virtual convention after leaving San Diego Comic-Con @ Home this year. The entire event took place from time to time and was filled with many surprises for fans, making it the gold standard for studios online celebrations. As in a general conference, the cast and crew join their respective projects panel to discuss what fans can expect from their films, some of which end with a special clip, be it Wonder Woman 1984 AND a trailer featuring The Batman or behind-the-scenes clips, However, the conference went smoothly, which is impressive.

Doom Patrol Trolled Marvel Studios On Twitter

The success of the DC FanDome has led some Marvel loyalists to hope that, in some, A follower brought it up on Twitter, which caught the eye of the original Doom Patrol account, and whoever’s behind it decided to poke fun at that fan post. See what’s on the show’s social media below: In the comment section, fans gave different opinions on the reaction to the Doom Patrol social media account.

Whatever it is, the reaction to the Doom Patrol account has only strengthened the rivalry between the two comic book brands. The competition is believed to have started decades ago when both were solely reliant on print, the era of social media and its continued expansion into other media have enhanced.

However, it’s worth noting that this is nothing more than a friendly rivalry, as the people officially involved in the Marvel and DC projects have no issues with If anything, the talents have worked with both companies and the studios aren’t particularly upset about this.

Other updates?

Overall, Warner Bros. did a very good job hosting a virtual convention at the DC FanDome, which was better than what Comic-Con held this year. They were able to maintain the publicity throughout the event and faced no major technical issues. It is not yet known how many people actually participated in the global event, but subsequent discussion on social media implies that people investigated it.

For Marvel Studios, Feige remains quiet on her slate, which is fine considering the things she drew with Avengers: Endgame and Infinity Saga. He said if they ever plan to conference online, the bar set by DC is high. Even without trolling Doom Patrol’s social media account, his fans would expect something similar from him.

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