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Here Are The 5 Most Surprising Moments And 5 We Saw Coming In The Netflix Series ‘The Witcher’

The Witcher is a little rollercoaster riding. People complained about this series being confusing, from the timelines to the storyline— some enjoyed the confusion and managed to anticipate some of the tricks. Safe to say some were harder than others to foresee. Moments were appearing in the series, even if we did not know the source material and moments that surprised us.

Surprising Moments

#1. Calanthe’s Death

When Queen Calanthe is wounded during a battle against Nilfgaard and Ciri asks if she is dying, she says that her death would be far more dramatic, seemingly persuasive. Yet she sends Ciri off at the window with her servants and staggers before Nilfgaard can locate them.

#2. The Dragon

In episode six, Rare Species, a man arrives at Geralt and asks him to join him in the dragon hunt. Later on, he dies by falling off the cliffside — then imagine our surprise when he later reappears as a rare dragon, what he’s secretly been all the time.

#3. Tissaia Encouraging Yennefer’s Chaos

Tissaia spends her time teaching Yennefer that her chaos is out of control and that she will never become a good mage if she allows herself to succeed in turmoil rather than magic. The mages protecting the continent from invasion in Sodden’s war against Nilfgaard are beginning to lose, and it is a surprising turn of events that Tissaia turns to Yennefer and asks her to unleash her anarchy. Yennefer takes advice and conjures massive flames that are burning in the Nilfgaard troops and winning the battle for him, proves that his wild chaos is a vital asset all along.

#4. Yennefer Wants A Child

Yennefer chooses to have a child in the latter half of the season. Because Yennefer had pretty terrible parents and never showed any signs of being motherly, it’s a fantastic choice to find a cure unexpectedly. It’s less shocking when we hear her reasoning— that she needs to be essential for someone, who was never crucial— but even so, it takes a second for Geralt and the audience to lose their initial shock.

#5. Nilfgaard Captures The Wrong Ciri

Nilfgaard manages to catch Ciri quickly, and for a few minutes, it seems as though hope is lost, or at least that Geralt will come and save her. A few moments later, we are stunned when they accidentally caught the Doppelganger beast they sent after her.

Things We Saw Coming

#1. Yennefer’s Transformation

Many trailers show Yennefer as a conventionally beautiful woman, but she turned the back of the show for the first few episodes, decreasing self-esteem. Because we saw her in trailers, even those who are unfamiliar with the source material know she is fantastic.

#2. Ciri’s Tie To Geralt

In the first episode, Calanthe seems desperate to bring Ciri to Geralt, whose location is unknown at this point (though it has revealed that he was in Cintra the whole time he and Ciri just missed one another during the Nilfgaard invasion). While we may not define precisely how they are bound to each other at this point, it’s apparent that it’s more than just Calanthe who has confidence in Geralt to protect her.

#3. Yennefer Fights Nilfgaard

Yennefer had to struggle with the decision to fight Nilfgaard in the first place. However, Nilfgaard is an invasive, cruel force, the principal adversaries of the series, and while Yennefer can hardly be painted as a hero, she’s not bad— that’s obvious. She is a confused person, but she often tries to do the right thing ultimately.

#4. Geralt Finds Ciri

Through all time schedules and chaos, Geralt and Ciri’s primary goal is to find each other and to do so at the end of the season. The season could never be over— it wouldn’t have been satisfactory never to see each other, and while Ciri is potent, Ciri is young, naive, and didn’t last a long time without her being tracked by the witcher.

#5. Geralt Kills Renfri

Geralt is known as the Blaviken Butcher, and even those who don’t know the books and games have probably heard the word. He initially doesn’t, as he encounters Renfri and is ordered to kill her, but we all realize he is in Blaviken, and something will go down here.

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