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Hawkeye Season 1: Disney+ Release And Other Updates?

With “Hawkeye” another Marvel series is moving into the streaming service Disney +. The SHIELD agent and Avenger have not yet had a film, but will receive their own series in return.” Hawkeye ” is an upcoming Disney + series about the hero of the same name from the Marvel comics. The streaming service is expanding its range of films and series and after the successful start of Star Wars production “The Mandalorian”, Marvel series is now to follow.

Hawkeye Season 1: Start Date

Source: The Mary Sue

The Disney + series is said to be available on the streaming service at an undetermined date in 2024. More concrete information will probably only be available when filming “Hawkeye” has started, which could be delayed by bad luck due to the corona crisis. As soon as there are new details about the publication, you will find them here.

Hawkeye Season 1: Trailer

So far there is no material from which Disney + could cut a trailer. At the end of 2024 at the earliest, but rather at the beginning of 2024, the first trailer of “Hawkeye” is expected. You can, of course, find the first moving pictures here.

Hawkeye Season 1: Action

Clinton Francis Barton, or Clint for short, is the Marvel hero Hawkeye and not only part of SHIELD, but also a member of the Avengers. Although he does not have superhuman powers such as Thor, he is indispensable as a tactician and master of long-range and close combat. No wonder that the deeply human hero is now getting its own format.

As for the plot, Disney still leaves its fans in the dark. However, the first conceptual images show Clint with his protégé Kate Bishop, who is also at his side in the comics. Therefore, we can assume that the series will deal with the training of Kate and the master-student relationship between the two. The concept pictures also showed the Labrador Lucky, also known as the “Pizza Dog”.

Hawkeye Season 1: Cast

So far, it is only known that Jeremy Renner, who already played Hawkeye in two-rich MCU films, will become an archer again. As far as the next cast is concerned, Disney remains undercover. There are also rumours that Hailee Steinfeld should take on the role of Kate Bishop, but there have been conflicts with the filming of her series on Apple TV +, ” Dickinson “.

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