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Halo Infinite: Latest Leaks About Its Multiplayer Mode

You definitely remember playing previous editions of Halo, a game that frustrates you to your core. Halo series comprises of a long story mode and infinite shooting with aliens. Now the latest edition of Halo is on the verge of its launch this fall, and the game already made some serious speculations regarding its release.

343 Studios asserted many facts about the game, and this might be much exciting for the Halo fans.

Free Multiplayer

It is speculated that the multiplayer mode of Halo will be available for free.

The official social handle of the game confirmed the news, and there is a catch that it would only be available on the Xbox X series. So there is no confirmation regarding the PC release, and maybe PC versions would get excluded from Free multiplayer mode.

120 FPS

It is reported that the game supports 120 FPS, which could be a great deal for gamers as they get a major boost in terms of smooth gaming. The idea implemented to clock 120FPS in Halo is quite unpredictable, and it is believed that the lighting model used for the game is much more GPU accelerated than the static one. The models will be redefined, and different from previous Halo Titles used.

120 FPS on 60HZ Television

This will be something new for consoles as the most game capped to 60 Frames per second as the television set supports them now; if the FPS counter exceeds more than 120FPS, then there will be something more special with Television sets. So what could be the possibilities in this case? It is reported that the graphics will get adjusted a bit to attain the milestone set by Microsoft. Simply achieving 120 FPS will compromise with your quality, and this could also be acceptable by users as they are getting more FPS in terms of gameplay.

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