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Guardians Of The Galaxy 3: James Gunn Says Peacemaker Show Will Not Impact The Movie

The new display will cross into manufacturing earlier than Gun finishes his paintings on The Suicide Squad and starts filming on Guardian of the Galaxy. 3, a fact that immediately worries fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that its final entry into the trilogy will be delayed again. But there’s nothing to worry about, as Gun himself has confirmed that his next Marvel Studios movie will not be delayed due to Shantidoot.

John Cena will play the role of the Peacemaker in the feature film, which will star in his character-based series, which will be the first film on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service. According to Gun Company, he will direct all eight episodes, including the pilot, as well as the “multiple” episodes, including the pilot.

Addressing fanatics on Twitter, Gunn showed that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will begin production as planned, saying this was all made possible due to the COVID-19 quarantine.

So when we are going to see Guardians Of The Galaxy 3?

The film was initially conceived to debut in 2019 and release in 2024. But with all the controversy surrounding the director, the film was postponed and was scheduled to debut in 2024 which started late. An official release date for the film has not been announced yet, but we can expect it to be released in 2024 as part of phase five of the MCU.

The expected storyline of the Guardians Of The Galaxy 3:

According to James Gunn, the plot is designed in a way that will also expose some new and old characters, who may shape the future of the Marvel Universe. We cannot forget the aftermath of the endgame, and the story will follow accordingly. Presumably, you can also see the Star-Lord and the gang going in search of Gamora. As you can see, James himself said that we can look forward to Rocket’s backstory, and it will play a major role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The cast members of the Guardians Of The Galaxy 3:

  • Chris Pratt’s as Peter Quill
  • Zoe Saldana as Gamora
  • Dave Bautista as Drax
  • Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot
  • Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon
  • Karen Gillan as Nebula
  • Pom Klementieff as Mantis

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