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Grocery Worker Who Went Missing 10 Years Ago Is Found Dead After All This Time

25 years old Larry Elly Murillo-Moncada was seen for the last time by his parents on 28th November in 2009 while running from their house towards the snowstorm in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and he was barefooted.

After that day, he was never seen again by families and friends. His parents had registered a report of his missing.

More than ten long years later, Murillo-Moncada’s families and friends can certainly get the answers to their 10-year-long questions about the disappearance of the man who was a grocery worker.

On Monday, the Police Department of Council Bluff had stated that Larry’s body had been put in not more than a mile from his home.

His body was spotted in a grocery store where he had worked. His remains were placed back of the coolers of the store.

It is now clear how the body of the man ended up in between the walls and the coolers of the store, according to officials.

According to the announcement given by the former employees of the store, they always climbed up the coolers.

Larry may have dropped twelve feet from the area. The sound of the coolers may have stopped others from listening to his request for help.

Larry’s case was a different one for the town, according to Sergeant Brandon Danielson.

Before one day of Larry’s disappearance, his mother named Ana shared that Larry went home following his shift throughout the Thanksgiving Day celebrations at the supermarket where he worked.

She explained to him as being disoriented throughout that time. After that, she took the grocery worker to the doctor. The doctor had provided him anti-depressant prescription, but it did not do him any good.

A friend of Larry named Maria Stockton said that larry said that he was frightened and that someone was stalking him.

Larry rapidly at 6:15 in the evening left home barefooted, but he wore a hoodie and pants. He had left his keys and car.

Following a post-mortem, there were no signs of injury distinguished. The case was closed and distinguished the cause of Larry’s death as an unintended one.

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