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Granny Lois Roses Pleaded Guilty Of Murder Second Time

A killer grandmother Lois Riess, who is already serving a life sentence for the murder of her doppelganger in Florida, has pleaded guilty to murder for the second time

During a preliminary hearing Tuesday in the auditorium of Dodge County High School in Minnesota over concerns over COVID-19, Riess pleaded guilty to first and second-degree murders in connection with the death of her husband David Riess. She had previously pleaded not guilty during her court appearance in July.

The elderly woman killed her husband with a gun

Riess told the court on Tuesday that she killed her husband in March 2018 during a heated argument at their home on the Prairie Blossoms. Riess, who claimed to have attempted suicide in the past, said her husband told her to commit suicide and “get it right this time.”

Riess, gun in hand, chose not to shoot herself and instead aimed at her husband’s heart and pulled the trigger, killing him.

After the shooting, Riess fled the state. While on the run, she stopped in Florida, where she met and befriended 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson at the Marina Village in Fort Myers Beach.

Riess killed her look alike to disguise the investigators

Hutchinson, who did not understand that Riess was wanted for the murder of her husband, invited her to her home. On April 9, 2018, police found the deceased Hutchinson’s body in the bathroom of her home. She lay face down and was hit twice.

Authorities said Rees killed Hutchinson due to their physical similarity, which would make it easier to exploit his identity as Riess. In addition to obtaining her papers, Riess also hijacked Hutchinson’s car and fled the area.

As the police continued to search for Riess, records showed that she was withdrawing cash from Hutchinson’s bank account while living the social life in a hotel, gambling, and ordering room service disguised as a victim.

Authorities eventually hired Riesz on South Padre Island, Texas.

Charges against Riess

Earlier this year, Riess pleaded guilty and was convicted of Hutchinson’s murder. She was already serving a life sentence in Florida when officials took her to Minnesota, where she was charged with her husband’s death.

A judge immediately sentenced Riess to life without parole for her husband’s death after she pleaded guilty.

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