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Good Omens: Season 2? Why Is It Taking So Long To Release?

Here is what we know about the second season of Good Omens on BBC and Amazon Prime Video!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the series called Good Omens on BBC as well as Amazon Prime Video might already be aware of the fact that the show has been adapted from the novel written by Terry Pratchett as well as Neil Gaiman.

It throws the entire spotlight on an angel as well as a demon while they both are trying to find their path of Armageddon on Earth. This series went on to reveal a fairly contained story that wrapped up with six episodes and did not leave a cliffhanger thus did not set up a potential storyline for any future outings.

Are we ever going to have a second season of Good Omens or not?

Or maybe this is what is believed by fans all around the globe. But then, we have no official news from Neil Gaiman who has ruled out to us another possibility of this apocalyptic show. Also, you guys should know that even though there are no recent plans to continue with the tale, the author began plotting this story with his partner Pratchett back in the latter half of 1990.

At heart, Amazon's Good Omens is a gay cosmic rom-com - The Verge

We have Neil Gaiman oscillating about the fact of having a second season for Good Omens or not. But the disappointing news comes out when there is no official statement till this point in time.

Here is what the showrunner of Good Omens has to say about its second season!

Radio Times, a fellow news media outlet was told by the showrunner on the set of Good Omes back in 2017 that Terry and he have also planned out a full sequel to Good Omens that they have never done.

He said that it was about the location where angels actually arrive from and that was how it was pretty convenient to add some extra angels.

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