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Good Girls To End With Season 3 This Sunday? Here’s What You Should Know

Good Girls is NBC’s original shows and then later it was also taken by the online streaming giant Netflix after the immense success the show garnered in The United States. And this acquisition by Netflix proved to be a success and became one of its hit shows.

The show has launched its third season already on NBC which was unfortunately cut short to just eleven episodes due to the outbreak of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. And of course, this led to so many cliffhangers and queries yet to be answered.

Release Date Of Good Girls Season 3

However, if you have still not caught watching the show, do not get disappointed as Netflix is ready to bring the third installment on our small screens. You can watch the entire season on July 26, 2023; yes, the coming Sunday and enjoy a brand new season.

Good Girls
Source: Variety

Renewal Status Of Good Girls Season 4

There were rumors that the show would not be continuing further and season three would serve as the last. But we were positive enough as the episodes were cut short which itself paved the way for a new one. And now the makers have officially renewed it for a fourth season.

Plot Of Good Girls TV Show

Yayyy! The show is about three women out of which two of them are sisters and they are trying on really hard to meet the ends and sustain themselves. They want some real excitement and hence decide to rob a supermarket. But their plan goes in vain after one of its employees recognizes one of them and has sone other vital information as well. So you are going to love the show which is a dramedy with a crime.

Cast Of Good Girls

The show stars some really amazing actors. Although nothing has been revealed regarding the actors whom we will see in the fourth season, we can still expect the following actors to make a come back. They include;

  • Christina Hendricks,
  • Retta,
  • Mae Whitman,
  • Reno Wilson,
  • Manny Montana, and other artists as well.

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