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God Of War 5: When It Will Hit Playstation 5 Library?

Sony Playstation Exclusives are a pleasure to play, and there’s a reason that some of the games remained exclusive. One of the most profound franchises God of War came a long way and still regarded as one of the best franchises gaming industry ever had.

God of War is now heading to its fifth edition as the franchise rebooted the series in its last installment. God of War was a hell of a masterpiece that featured the Baldur as an antagonist leading the franchise into Norse Mythology.

From Greek to Norse, God of War made a sudden impact on the gamer audience, and with its next release, the franchise will be undisputedly the best.

God Of War 5 Storyline 

After the major appearances in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor played a pivotal role in the franchises. After that, Thor getting pretty familiar with the audience, and now, the character is heading to God of War franchise. At the end of God of War, Thor was standing outside the whereabouts of Kratos and called him upon as Kratos killed his brother and Odin’s son Baldur.

So. in the next edition, we could see Thor as an antagonist, and Odin could also be on the same page. Now there will be double trouble for the Kratos as he about to face one of the powerful characters in the whole universe.

God of War 5 Expected Release Date

Now there are some months left for Playstation 5 release, and we are expecting its exclusives and Spider-Man already teased. So now what’s the deal for God Of War, there are various speculations that the game is currently in the development and we could expect its arrival after two years of the next-gen console launch.

So the expected release date of the next edition of God of War could befall of 2024. The game eventually not teased, so making a conclusion about the release date could be backfired at any moment.

Recently, A TV series is already rumored, and Jason Momoa reportedly hired to play the character of Kratos.

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