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Gigi Hadid: This Is Why She Is Keeping Her Pregnancy Private

The American famous fashion model Gigi Hadid has recently shared a post on Instagram showing her baby bump. She has also told the reason as to why she is keeping her pregnancy private. While promoting the Part ll issue of her new V Magazine Journal, she answered her fans about her being private about pregnancy. She also gave a glimpse of her baby bump to her fans on her during her Instagram live. Here is what she explains about keeping her pregnancy so low key.

She says her pregnancy is not the essential thing in the world right now, stating the corona pandemic and the black lives Matter much more important than that. She says it doesn’t feel appropriate to flaunt her pregnancy at this time of crisis. She is expecting a baby girl in September with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik.

What did She reveal in Her Instagram Live?

She opened up to fans about how her pregnancy is going. She answered the fans during her Instagram live when fans asked about her health. She assured them telling that everything is fine and going well. She said to her fans that she is overwhelmed with the concerns shown by her fans regarding her pregnancy.

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Still, it’s because of the Coronavirus pandemic situation and The Black Lives Matter incident, which is going on in the world right now. She feels inappropriate and not the right time to talk and flaunt about her pregnancy. That is why she had kept her pregnancy so low key all this time.

She stated a lot of people had already lost their lives, leaving their loved ones because of the corona crisis. Then the Black Lives Matter happened, so she thought that this social media should be used more for these matters than for her pregnancy.

But she does appreciate the love she got from the fans, the concern they show, and she says that she is not sharing on social media but sharing everything with her family and friends so soon it will come out in public when she thinks it is the right time. She promises to share this stuff in the future.

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