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Gigi Hadid Recently Opened Up About Her Relationship With Boyfriend Zayn Malik

We know how Gigi and Zayn keep their relationship private, but on a Live Session, Gigi talked about him a lot!

Gigi Hadid, the American Supermodel, and one of the highest-paid models in the world gave one of her most candid as well as extensive interviews of the year just yesterday when she and makeup artist Erin Parsons did a tutorial for Maybelline on their Instagram Live Session.

She touched on topics like her pregnancy and other rumors about getting plastic surgery. Then when the mainstream was heading to a potential end, she even talked about her boyfriend Zayn Malik, the father of her upcoming baby.

Gigi and Zayn have been in an on and off the relationship, but now it seems like they are dating pretty solid!

All the fans of this celebrity couple know that they have been on and off for years, but Hadid has not spoken publicly, in a long way, about him in over a year.

After the couple suffered their first breakup, back in 2018, and also their makeup, Gigi and Zayn started to keep their relationship very private and mainly out of the eyes of social media or even press.

When Gigi’s friend Parsons and she were discussing her finished makeup look, Gigi talked about Zayn!

And since they legitimately started dating again at the end of 2019, Gigi had not given a single answer about their relationship or regarding Zayn in any way until yesterday.

The model disclosed some rare remarks about their dynamic now when Parsons and Hadid were discussing stuff about her finished makeup look.

The Supermodel was sad that she could not go anywhere with this beautiful look!

She lamented on the fact that she could not go anywhere with such right makeup on and then spoke about Malik, who is also quarantining with her in Pennsylvania.

In that live video, Gigi opened up about how Zayn would sometimes absolutely adore her makeup look, and they even have names for it especially the one with ‘The Erin Look’.

Gigi Hadid talked about how Zayn adores her makeup, especially when Erin does it!

Erin even told that she could not help but do some ultra good makeup sometimes and Gigi agreed with her right away. She also addressed Zayn as ‘My Man’ and what is cuter than that?

Then Gigi went on to explain how Erin is Zayn’s favorite makeup artist, and this comment made Parsons happy.

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