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Game Of Thrones Prequel: Why Night King Should Be Focused In The Series?

Game of Thrones ended in a dramatic fashion, and most of the fans were truly disappointed with the ending. The show is regarded as one of the best medieval shows until its climax ended the glory itself.

However, the most basic part which fans didn’t like, the end of Mighty Night King and the White Walkers. The beast who never utter a word and just answered with his antics died a pitiful death. Arya Stark gave the final blow to the leader, and the population of The Army of Dead got vanished.

So this is not the deal we’re talking about; we concern about the fact about the history and nature of Night King. The origin and many stories were left behind and didn’t uncover in Game of Thrones series. Now the Prequel is the only hope for the fans as they could witness the Night King’s saga in depth.

House of Dragons

The Prequel is fully focused on the storyline, which will follow through 300 years before the episodes of Game of Thrones. So there is a hope that the series could highlight Night King’s hidden story and his motives. However, it’s just known that he was created by the Children of Forest, and a series was rumored to be in development, which will feature the origin of Night King.

But now, as the house of Dragons was announced, we could possibly rule out the possibilities of Night King featuring in the series.