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California Woman Accused Of Assaulting Asian Woman, Not Arrested Yet!

A Californian woman was found in San Pedro, accused of assaulting an Asian woman and throwing racist victims against other Asian victims:

On Wednesday, police discovered a woman named Lena Hernandez, 54, in St. Peter’s Park. The authorities questioned her, but since her crimes are currently considered a crime and were not committed in the presence of police laws, she was not arrested,

According to Torrance Police Chief Eva Berg, the alleged racist attacks were committed at least three times.

Authorities said that the prosecutor of the city of Torrance will be charged with Hernandez. There were no charges on Thursday morning.

An elderly woman was seen passing offensive comments 

On Wednesday, an accident occurred on a ladder in the Charles H. Wilson Park in Torrance. Apparently the older woman made a series of offensive statements as she walked up the stairs and then down the stairs, which prompted the juggler to stop exercising.

“Lord,” said the jeep after the woman descended the stairs.

Apparently, the comment caused the old woman to disconnect, according to the victim, who had already recorded her exercises when the woman yelled at her.

Return to any Asian country in which you are located.

A similar incidence took place with a man from Asia

After the incident was published in local news, a man from Asia contacted the officers and reported that the same woman had encountered him and his 11-year-old son.

Once again, she reportedly spoke of racism and threatened to harm the man and his son by calling him “Chinese” by testing his version of the Asian accent.

“You will receive ****. Your children will be surprised,” she said in an invisible copy of the man’s video. “you are nothing.”

A female victim steeped forward to raise her voice:

Another female victim stepped forward after she spotted a news suspect and said that she had also been verbally abused by a woman.

Salminoa interfered when he saw a gap between the suspect and the guard. The accused is accused of throwing salmon on the ground and attacking him when he attempted to rise.

“I woke up,” said Salmenoa, “and when I physically removed my hair, he pushed me and started thinking about me.”

“I really hope there are no more victims. But if so, I hope they will come to inform us,” Torrance Mayor Patrick Furry told reporters earlier this month.

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