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Game Of Thrones: 5 Reasons Why We Hate CERSIE So Much

Here are the five reasons why we hate Cersei so much from the series Game of Thrones!

Cersei used wildfire to blow up sept!

While it was heartbreaking to see how far Cersei would go to save Tommy from Strani, it was terrible to see what he would do to save himself from justice. With the majority of the Tyrell family together, the Great Sparrow and his own uncle reunited on Sept. Baltor, Cersei used fire to explode and kill countless people.

Cersei’s hatred for her brother!

Cersei’s own testimony at the trial was riddled with lies, but it was not where her trap ended. Cersei had reportedly paid other witnesses and was forced to testify against Tyrion, including Shae, who had apparently lied that Tyrion had conspired to murder. Cressy’s hatred for her brother finally went too far.

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Cersei’s biggest mistakes!

When Cersei sees Margaery approach Tommen and his role is interrupted by the king, he decides to do a trick. He empowered the Great Sparrow and his radical religious group, the Militant of the Faith. They managed to arrest Margery and Lorus Tyrell, but they also captured the King’s Landing and punished anyone who did not follow their faith.

Cersei was responsible for the lady’s death!

Direwolves’s connection for the children of Stark in the books was incredibly important, but they weren’t given the same attention on the show. However, they were still adorable animals and it was always sad when the public saw them kill them. The first lady to die was Lady, and Cersei was responsible. After Arya’s pet Nymeria attacks Joffre, Cersei decides to punish Lady for it. He coldly ordered the animal to be killed only to hurt the Starks.

Cersei’s death!

Once again, Cersei’s death was something that was probably not due to her dire choices. Before the attack on King’s Landing, Daenerys and Cersei meet Cersei one last time, holding Missandei. Tyrion tried to reason with Cersei and avoid war, but Cersei’s anger and arrogance blinded her. She ordered Missandei hanged and strengthened not only her luck but also the destiny of the people of King’s Landing.

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