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Fruits Basket Season 2: Crucial Things You Should Know About The Upcoming Anime Series

It was recently announced that the show would get a new adaptation that would be very close to the source. The main function of the program is none other than the producer himself, Natsuki Takaya. The first season of ‘Fruits Basket’ opened to a large audience and was well received. The first season had a total of 25 episodes and it remains to be seen if the second season will follow suit.

Here you will get to know everything regarding the Fruits Basket season 2:

When and where to watch Fruits Basket season 2?

The second season of the Fruit Basket is been released on Japanese TV on 6th April 2024. Fans in select cities in the United States who want to watch the first three episodes early may have the option to attend Theatrical screenings limited to March 30 (dubbing) and March 31 (subtitled), but due to the closure of the coronavirus. May be subject to change.

The storyline of the Fruits Basket season 2:

The story is of a short-tempered, young, or orphan girl named Tohru Honda, who has suffered many events, beginning to live with a mysterious group of people, known as the Soham dynasty. Later in history, things get out of hand quickly when Tohu discovers that her family has been cursed and that they will turn into animals every time they are hugged by another gender. Tohu decides to break this curse and falls in love with someone as the story progresses.

The Fruits Basket season 2 episode 18 is selected to release on 3rd August 2024. Mark the date on you calendar as it is very close.

Is there a trailer for the show already?

Yes, there is an official trailer for the second season of Fruits Basket.