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Friends Reunion: Will It Be A Season Or Special Episode, Every Detail About It

When Rachel got off the aircraft in 2004, fans of friends waited for a revival–fifteen years later, the series still attracts new viewers with its fascinating yet straightforward base. The show displays three young men and three young women, all of them living in New York City, all of them with great friends and all of them full of personalities.

It looks as if the fans of the show— those around when it was broadcast and those who jumped a decade or so back on the train — will finally receive their wishes. When HBO Max launches the entire sitcom as part of the launch of the streaming platform, friends will come back with new content.

The six original actors, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry, will return for $2.5 million each (after their famous final negotiations, $1.5 million more than was achieved in each episode).

The ‘Friends’ Reunion Will Be 1 Hour Long Special Episode

Friends will receive a conference episode exclusively available on the HBO Max streaming service of Warner Bros. Of course, and Warner Bros. needed something to get people on board with HBO Max, at $14.99 a month (a price that’s a little heavier than its top competitors in the streaming area). It looks like they’ve found the winning formula for attracting viewers: 2 Gellers, one Bing, one Greene, one Buffay, and one Tribiani.

The special will take an hour and will be an unscripted plan. In other words, the actors must work on; otherwise, the plans will change between now and May. And the people behind the production decide to go for a real script— to publish a story to capture where friends will live more than a decade later.

Here is the hope that the special meeting meets the standards since unwritten activities for an hour will pose a challenge. But perhaps if it’s a flop, those behind the production can blame for the lack of a script, and everybody can get on with their lives and careers. But given the chemistry of this cast, expectations remain high.

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