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Friends Reunion: Special Confirmed For 2024 Release

It’s been straight 25 years and 3 months since the first episode of the popular sitcom Friends aired for the first time. But that’s not the center of attention as the reunion episode is getting more heat after major speculations regarding its release.

The strings of delays cause havoc among the fans, and the project has been long forgotten by them. So what’s the current scenario of the release of a special episode of Friends? Will it air this year, or fans have to wait a bit longer for its arrival. So let’s get away with the potential details of Friend Reunion.


As it’s apparent that Covid-19 hit hard and crippled many projects of the film industry. Friend Reunion is the most anticipated show that makes the list of the projects that are currently on hold due to pandemic. However, the delay is imminent and in the case of Friends Reunion, its already labeled as Indefinitely, so it simply implies that there are no improvements until further notice.

Production Phases

However, the show’s production phases are currently on hold, but we are witnessing the cast of the show hanging out various times. Recently the trio Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow showed their glimpse ahead of Emmy awards.