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Friends Reunion: Filming Date Revealed? Here’s What A Fan Must Know

One of the hit series “Friends” will return to the television. The Content platform Max from HBO has confirmed that the lead stars will reunite that will be available from the coming May. Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Kourtney Cox, Mattew Perry, and David Shimmer have been reached on an agreement with the creators, for the lead role.

Get ready for the Reunion

In a recent interview, Lisa Kudrow expressed the excitement she had about watching the friends getting back again. She announced that no one had seen the gang together since the last season was over. Lisa Kudrow also expressed that she will love getting together with the castmates of the last season. She also announced that they all share great memories.

Production getting ready for the summer

Like the other series and movies, the Friends also struggled in adjusting the production schedule. The filming got delayed during May because of the Global Pandemic. But now according to the sources, it is stated that the production will be continued from the end of the summer.

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Release Date

Because of the delay in the filming, the Friends Reunion will not be ready to be available on HBO Max as the exact release date is known.

What may happen in the new season

The lead cast will be reuniting, will be having a lot of surprises, and we will see behind the scenes also. Recently HBO Max announced in an interview that to avoid the misunderstandings about what the special is in this new season is that, they want to make it clear that this is not going to be the new episode of the series. The lead cast will appear as themselves, and not as their characters as in the last season.

Get a chance to join the Filming

The casting team is offering six tickets for the filming of the Friends Reunion Special, still, the date of filming is unknown. But according to the post on Instagram the auction to be a part of All in one challenge, Where the lead cast is raising funds for various organizations.

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