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For My Man Season 6: Release Date And Much More

‘For My Man’ has been written by Gillian Schilke and Elizabeth Tyson as an American recorded crime show. The first series was in 2015 and is currently broadcast on TV One. As the name suggests, the documentary involves women who commit heinous crimes on behalf of the people they love. The show was welcomed by viewers due to its thrilling premise and has to date spanned five incredible seasons. Please read ‘For My Guy’ Season 6 will be published on TV screens.

Release Date Of For My Man Season 6:

‘For My Man’ Season, 5 premiered on TV One on 11 February 2019. There were 25 episodes.

Soon after, TV One renovated another installation of the show. ‘For My Guy’ Season, 6 is scheduled to premiere at 21:00 ET on Thursday, 23 April 2024. It will join the ‘True Crime Thursdays’ block of the channel. The Thursday night slot is an expansion of the ‘True-Crime Mondays’ network signature programming slate, which shows ‘Fatal Attraction.’

Cast Details Of For My Man Season 6:

The cast of For My Man Season 6 includes:

  • Matt Gulbranson
  • Glenn Nelson
  • David Hammond
  • Kalisha Buckhanon
  • Linda Whiting
  • Sharrie McCain
  • Gemma McIlhenny
  • Scott Swope
  • Charles D. Clark
  • Chaz Riddle

Plot Details Of For My Man Season 6:

Those in love owe their partners everything and everything without ever thinking about it. Upon getting married, they are promised their lives to their new wives by their new feelings. Here is a documentary show, ‘For My Man,’ in which the women reveal their willingness to do something for their husbands.

The series shows women arrested for the heinous crimes they have committed on behalf of love, which is one of the critical reasons for the female population in the field of crime. The atrocities committed by them are a broad range; woman criminals have been brutal, from being informants for the DEA’s drug-addicted husbands to targeting their family members on the behest of a jealous husband. One went so far as to kill people for her man in the Midwest.

Each episode features a different woman who commits crimes, and we have two thoughts about love. The show can be accurately synthesized as a series of true crimes showcasing the salty, disturbing tales of women imprisoned in the name of love for a crime. Such women have no restrictions on how far their men will go.

And don’t be misled; it isn’t people you would expect. They are straight-a graduates, career police officers, and married women once happily. This is the tale of the obsession and vulnerability that drive their falsehood.

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