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For All Mankind: Is It Renew For Season 2 By Apple TV+?

Here is all that the fans of the series, For All Mankind, need to know about the show and a potential season 2!

Nearly a month has passed since all the subscribers of Apple TV plus have seen the fictionalized version of the race that happened back in 1960 to the moon and now, the show, For All Mankind, has been renewed for a second installment.

The first season of For All Mankind depicts an alternative take on the history in which the Soviet Union beats the United States to the moon. This series debuted on the streaming platform on the 1st of November.

Here is what the media thinks about a return of For All Mankind, a science and fiction show!

People who have watched this show know that there were hints for a potential season two in the air already even when the first episode touched down. If you did not understand the last statement, it was a moon landing pun for you guys.

A report from Deadline said that the second season was in the making and while Apple TV plus did not comment on that story, the service did retweet it on the social media platforms.

Hurray! For All Mankind has been renewed official for another installment by Apple TV plus!

This week was the one where NASA celebrated the 59th anniversary of Apollo 12, the crew which landed the second time om the moon.

All this while Apple TV plus announced a second season of For All Mankind and added to the happiness of For All Mankind.

Down below is where you can watch thus previous episodes of this epic show!

Apple TV plus sAid on their official Twitter handle that it is official that For All humankind has now been renewed for a second installment.

For all humankind is available for all the science and space geeks out there to watch on Apple TV plus. The platform is a bit cheaper than Netflix and provides access for a month at 4.99 US dollars.

When will the science geeks be able to see the second installment?

Well, this is unfortunate because the show, even though, has been renewed for a second season does not have a confirmed release date. With all the world wound up in the pandemic created by the fatal Corona Virus, it is even hard to say about the return of For All Mankind!

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