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Florida Man Shot Mother To Death Over A Orange Juice

A Florida man reportedly shot his mother fatally on Sunday over a dispute over orange juice, a car, and an air conditioning remote

The sources reported that Louis Pages, 29, hysterically called emergency services, claiming that he shot and killed 59-year-old Miriam Gonzalez. The Pagers reportedly claimed to an officer who answered his home in North Miami Beach.

According to his arrest affidavit, Pages also told investigators that he and Gonzalez had claimed he used the car to find a job and that the orange juice remained in the refrigerator. Pagers claimed that his mother then took a pink knife and threatened him.

The man shot his mother 6 times

Pages ordered Gonzalez to return the remote control for the air conditioner, but she denied to give it to him. Page said that was when he pulled his gun and shot her multiple times, according to the reports.

Pages also allegedly told investigators that he tried to kill himself, but the bullets ran out. Instead, he called 911.

According to the officers, Pagers said he “lost it” and did not know how many times he shot his mother. However, he reportedly noticed that there were always six bullets in the gun – and realized he had fired all of them when he turned the gun toward himself and fired nothing.


The Pages were charged with second-degree murder. Remains in prison without bail.

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