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Florida Drunk Woman Crashes Car While Racing With 4-Year-Old Baby Inside

A drunken woman rammed into the signboard with her son:

The woman was arrested after she drunkenly tried to race with other drivers near an elementary school and then fell into a parked sign with her son in the back seat.

Fortunately, the child was rescued without any harm:

Officers responded to 425 Tuscavilla roads near Kate Elementary School on Sunday due to an accident. The driver of the minivan,  identified as Erin Kelly, used the car to establish herself while moving back and forth. Kelly’s 4-year-old baby was crying “hysterically” in the back seat of the minibus but was not injured in the crash.

Employees said they found two empty, still cold cans in Vano’s back seat.

Kelly didn’t support the officers in the investigation:

Police said Kelly refused the courtesy test and was unconnected to the interrogation. At the hospital to be released on medication, police said Kelly was trying to beat the agents.

After the woman showed signs of alcohol depletion during a field test, she was sent to Polik Prison, where a breath test showed blood alcohol levels of 155 and 0.164. He was charged with DUI and a threat to the child for neglecting each child. The relationship between the accused and the son was not known.

Charges against Kelly:

Kelly has been charged with multiple counts, including assaulting an officer’s battery, resisting police, neglecting children, DUI, and more.

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