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Florida Boy, 12, Killed Family Chihuahua, Arrested

A Florida boy is booked after he brought three guns and ammunition to his school

Sources reported that the incident took place at the Lighthouse Christian School on US 1 Street in Callahan. A 12-year-old student at the school reportedly brought a revolver and two semi-automatic pistols to campus.

The incident occurred when the teacher said she saw a boy carrying two baskets for lunch. She asked him if she could keep one of the heavy lunch boxes. Noticing the tip of the gun sticking out of the lunch box, the teacher alerted the principal, Troy Arnold.

When Arnold looked in the lunchbox, he found a subcompact semi-automatic pistol and two boxes of .38 caliber ammo, according to a police report. The student allegedly brought a firearm to school to show the principal.

The investigators discovered a bizarre drawing

According to the reports, during a conversation with the boy, a policeman discovered another gun, loaded with .380 ammunition. Police said the boy had a hidden gun.

During a subsequent interview with the boy, the school staff discovered the drawing of a creepy image inside his desk.

During the interrogation of the student, the staff searched his desk for the second time. Inside his desk was a drawing of a man with a gun outside school. The man was surrounded by several corpses covered with a red marker that indicated blood.

The suspect killed his pet Chihuahua

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leaper said authorities spoke to the boy’s mother, who said her son shot their Chihuahua pets with a shotgun.

When asked how the boy gained access to the firearms, the suspect’s mother said she thought she had locked the safe in her uncle’s weapons locker but may have left it open.

Arnold said the child looked scared when told about the gun, but school policy requires an exception.

Charges for the crime

The student was arrested on three counts of illegal possession of firearms at school. Authorities took him to the Jacksonville Juvenile Detention Center and contacted the Department of Family and Childhood Affairs.

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