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Five Including A 6-Year-Old Boy Shot During Overnight Celebration

A young boy lost his life in an overnight party which turned into a massacre

A six-year-old and four others were shot dead early Monday morning during the annual celebration in Brooklyn after official celebrations were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The sources report that the boy was shot in the leg while celebrating J’Ouvert outdoors in Crown Heights around 3 am on Monday. City officials had previously canceled normal West Indies Day events, including an annual parade, but revelers still gathered along the parade route for an unofficial procession that turned violent.

4 other victims are also injured in the shooting

According to the report, in addition to the child victim, four adults were shot and treated for non-fatal injuries.

Kristal also said that a woman believed to be the boy’s mother was at the scene of the shooting and rushed to his aid.

Investigators have arrested two suspects

Two gunmen were reportedly arrested at the scene, but it is unclear whether they are suspected of being massacred.

The investigation is still going on. The suspects are not identified yet. Police is looking into the matter and are investigating all the people who were present at that time.

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