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Fan Art Teases Daniel Radcliffe As The New Wolverine

Awesome new fan art shows Daniel Radcliffe as the MCU Wolverine!!!

The problem of spending so many years giving life to one of the most famous movie characters is that the public can connect you forever with that part. Take, for example, Hugh Jackman, who, despite his continuation that he is playing Wolverine, is still bombarded with online applications to see Claws again at least once.

Daniel Radcliffe will play the role of Wolverine??

Similarly, Daniel Radcliffe is likely to be Harry Potter for many. Although it may not be the most obvious option to bring the mutant mentioned above to live in the MCU when paper inevitably resumes, at least they can argue that keeping it inside would kill Two birds with one stone. This gives us a new version of the character to replace Jackman in the minds of many fans and also gives Radcliffe a role that is probably too big for his time at Hogwarts.

Of course, it seems that Daniel Radcliffe will play the role of Wolverine even though he has ever tried, but if you want to take a look at how a hero might look, it should work, we should have been found.

Daniel Radcliffe already knocked down the rumors!!

Not bad, right? At this point, no one can deny that the Harry Potter actor can see that Marvel should decide to go with him, but again, it seems like a remote possibility, especially since he has already knocked down the rumors. He is merely playing with his fans, but the studio is more likely to select someone like Taran Egerton, another strong contender for the role.

In any case, it may take a while to discover who the next Wolverine will be. But there is no doubt that until the announcement is made and, meanwhile, fans will continue to speculate well.

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