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Many Cars Burglarized At Once In Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale officials are investigating a rash of recent car robberies, including more than ten break-ins on the same block that happened on late Tuesday night.

The most recent robbery took place outside the Parkwood Apartments on Rockefeller Drive, near Sunnyvale Middle School, at around 11 pm. When officers from the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety reached the scene, they discovered at least 11 vehicles were burglarized. Broken glass scattered at the sidewalk, glove sections were opened, and people’s belongings were scattered.

Neighbors stated that they had been earlier warned about robberies on this street. But beyond getting stuff out, there’s not enough they can do when parking on the road is the only option for several people.

One of the victims said that ‘I just purchased my vehicle two months ago. And now they broke in.’

Department of Public Safety officials stated that the 11 break-ins from Tuesday night led off a string of robberies all day long. On Tuesday, there were more than 50 break-ins in total citywide.

Officials have not identified any suspects in the break-ins.

Growth in several auto robberies has also been reported elsewhere in the Bay Area in recent days. Early on Tuesday, police arrested two teens following information of at least 30 break-ins in Fremont. On Monday, Palo Alto police have arrested five teens for allegedly breaking into almost a dozen vehicles.

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