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Family Of Model, 21, Who Fell To Death From Cliff While Taking A Selfie Says This Is The End Of Our World

The family of a 21-year-old British Instagram model who fell to her death while taking a selfie called it “the end of our world” today.

21-year-old Madalyn Davis fell 100ft after climbing over a fence to pose for a sunrise picture in Diamond Bay near Sydney, Australia.

Grandad Comment

Madalyn grandad, Arthur Davis, said that “This is the end of our world. It is hell on earth for the family. We are broken. This is the second child who died in our family. We are distraught, we are destroyed, and her mum is not coping at all.”

‘There is nothing more painful for our family than this, but failures do sadly occur every day somewhere around the world.’

Mr. Davis, of Retford, Notts, last saw his granddaughter in November when she left to go traveling saying her family that “I am going to see the world, and I am so excited.”

Her grandad said that “She was a gorgeous, charming girl who had her whole life ahead of her.”

He continued that his son, Maddy’s dad, will travel to Australia to identify her body.

Quit Job To Travel The World

Madalyn, from Lincoln, left her job as a makeup artist to go traveling the world last year.

Her Instagram account has 20,000 followers and showed her partying in Thailand and Bali before she landed in Australia.

Last month she wrote that“Not looked back at my old world once (miss my job though), and I am super excited for my future ahead.”

Her last Instagram post showed her licking ice cream in Sydney’s Bondi beach a few days earlier.

On Saturday night, she had been to a party in posh suburb Vaucluse after that she and seven friends went to see the sunrise over the ocean.

It is considered that she was posing for a photo when she dropped from cliffs at Diamond Bay at around 6.30 am on Sunday.

Found Dead Body

Rescuers discovered her body in the water four hours after she fell.

The spectacular cliffs at Diamond Bay have grown popular with tourists attempting Instagram-worthy selfies.

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