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Eyes Of The Dragon Cancelled By HULU!

It’s been over a year since we heard the last update on the Hulu series adaptation of Stephen King’s 1984 fantasy novel Eyes of the Dragon, and now IT producer Seth Graham-Smith has been confirmed. The project is no longer officially developed and will not continue on Hulu. During a recent interview with The King’s cast, Gresham-Smith revealed that Steamer’s decision to cancel the series was due to a change of scenery between the budget.

Why Hulu Cancelled Eyes Of The Dragon

Additionally, writer Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter also shared his previous casting plans for Scrapped Project, which included attempting to portray Oscar winner Sam Rockwell as the powerful wizard named Flagg.

Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon TV Show In The Works At Hulu
Source: Screen Rant

The Lego Batman movies were being developed by Seth Graham-Smith for the Dragon series adaptation, and they were also set to write the script and serve as sharpeners. An attempt was already underway to adapt the material for an animated film set to be released in 2001 in the late 1990s, but the rights fell after the development and then Saifi’s story into a movie or miniseries. After the second adaptation attempt. The rights expired once again and Hulu successfully defeated Apple in the rights auction.


Series Get Well Disliked Reviews

Dragonnovel’s eyes, a great dislike for the horror master when he ventured into the fictional genre, are set in the kingdom of Delaney, part of In-World from the King’s Dark Tower series, and two brother princes whose lives are in an uproar.

when his parents are assassinated and one of them is implicated by it, while the other is named king of the kingdom at the young age of 12. The young king surrenders all his authority to his father’s manipulative wizard, Flagg, who tries to avoid and prove that his prisoner brother is involved in the murder of his parents.

Despite receiving generally positive critical reviews at the time of its release and King’s willingness to write a story for his children, readers were in the writer’s arms distracted by the wheel of his usual style and expressed their disgust. for the project.

Which was not related to fear. The negative reception from fans gave King consideration for his acclaimed secondary novel Misri, in which the protagonist’s treatment of a fatal fan dissatisfied with the final installment of his acclaimed series was akin to King’s obsessive fan.

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