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‘Extraction: 2’ Is Chris Hemsworth Returning? Is Tyler Dead?

Netflix won Gold with Extraction, a recent action movie starring Chris Hemsworth. The film quickly became one of the most successful films to be released on the streaming service, with 90 million households watching the film within its first month of release. So it’s no surprise that within a few weeks of the world premiere, Netflix has signed a deal for the Extraction sequel.

Does Chris Hemsworth return for the Extraction 2?

Exclusively with Deadline, movie writer Joe Russo confirmed that a deal for a sequel between AGBO and Netflix was closed and that the script is currently at a very early stage. He said that so far, there is no attempt to say where the story will go. Joe shared that while a sequel is working, many things are still up in the air. Currently, the two big questions are the director of Sam Hargrave as Tyler Rake and the possible returns of Hemsworth.

Extraction 2: Release Date Speculations Cleared

You may recall the film’s ambiguous ending where the audience had to decide for themselves whether Tyler survived a shot in Bangladesh or returned the kidnapped boy Ovi as a guardian angel. Many fans, myself included, expect the latter.

Other Important updates related to the Extraction Sequel!!

We can mainly see Hemsworth battling drug traffickers, surviving at gunpoint and explosions, more car chases, but can you blame us? Hemsworth is one of the biggest stars in the world, thanks to his role as Thor in the Avengers movies, and it’s hard to imagine that the movie would have a lead role without him.

The sad thing is that until Hemsworth returns to the set, we have to wait anxiously for this to be confirmed. There is no set release date for Extraction 2 as the script is still in progress and production has stopped due to the new coronavirus epidemic.

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