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Evil Father Who Didn’t Want Another Girl Child Opened Wife’s Womb To Know Unborn Baby’s Gender

The father, who was in desperate need of a boy, cut his wife’s uterus to find out the gender of the unborn child

The sources report that the husband of a 35-year-old pregnant woman is accused of opening it with a scythe – a hooked blade – to find out if an unborn child was born.

Miraculously, the mother and unborn child survived the attack. The woman, who was reportedly six or seventh months pregnant, was operated on Sunday night in a Delhi hospital.

Charges against the man:

According to the report, she had previously given birth to five girls. The suspect was identified with only one name, Pannalal, and was reportedly charged with attempted murder.

This violent incident is reportedly not the first time a woman’s husband has assaulted her because of the gender of their children.

Prior to the brutal attack, the suspect allegedly spoke to a local priest, who convinced him that his wife was carrying a baby girl.

The victim’s family gave the money for the treatment

The report also says that the victim’s family was forced to make a significant deposit at a private hospital after the woman’s condition worsened during treatment at another hospital in Bareilly.

It is not clear where the child is being treated.

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