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Estranged Husband Stabbed Nurse Wife To Death, Ran Over Her Body

The ex-husband of a woman who works as a nurse stabbed her multiple times and fled away from the scene

Early Tuesday, the estranged husband waited for Broward Coral Springs for health when his wife’s night shift ended as a nurse, then stabbed her several times, jumped into the car, and ran over her as if she were on his back.

Maryn Joy, 26, had just finished her last day in Broward Health and was planning to move across the state to Tampa – without Philip Matthew, 34, accused of murder after his death.

On July 19, Joy called the Coral Springs police, fearing personal messages and photographs that Matthew published online. But the police told her that he had not committed a crime and advised her to contact a divorce lawyer.

Mathew is found guilty of murdering his wife

Matthew appeared in court on Wednesday, his hands were bandaged with self-inflicted stab wounds, and he was officially charged with first-degree murder.

Matthew’s attorney, public defender assistant Walter Miller, claimed that the murder was a criminal act of passion and was not premeditated, but Linder indicated that he had bought a knife, hammer and other items from Home Depot before the attack, so he waited for Joy to get out of work.

Mathew is sent for a mental health checkup

Matthew has been detained in solitary confinement and is undergoing a mental health assessment.

Some members of Joy’s staff saw at least part of the attack – one said that Matthew had run over “as if it were on his back.” Police said they identified Matthew as their opponent before he died.

Joy and Matthew got married in 2016 and had a 2-year-old daughter. Their marriage didn’t seem easy in the beginning, however, as Coral Springs police said they reacted in 2018 when they threatened to kill his wife and himself.

The couple visited India, where they both come from, in December last year, and Joy left 2-year-old Nora with her mother for custody.

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