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Epic Games Summer Sale: Games You Should Definitely Give A Go

Epic Games Sale

Usually, the Epic store is busy providing games for free, but the sale is an important part of the games store. So the summer sale has arrived, and we got some games which you should definitely consider buying.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Origins

Ubisoft’s Masterpiece is getting more hyped after the speculations around its new edition Valhalla. Now Assassin’s Creed And Origins are available on heavy discounts. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is 67% off, whereas Origins is available on a massive discount of 80%. 

Far Cry 4 And Far Cry 5

Another of Ubisoft’s titles are on the sale and offer a great deal. Far Cry 4 getting 85% off on the newly formed sale and Far Cry 5 is tremendously decreasing its prices up to 80%. So its a great deal and you should definitely give it a go if you haven’t played these games before. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 Premium Edition

However, this move is not pretty justified as a few months ago, and many users grabbed the free promotional copy of GTA 5. But this time it’s Premium edition which got listed on the sale. Users will get 50% off on premium edition of the Grand Theft Auto. 


Newly arrived Remedy’s Masterpiece getting 50% off on the sale. So take this massive advantage and grab yourself a copy.

Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re a fan of the tactical shooter and you want more fun from the category, then you should definitely try Tom Clancy’s rainbow six sieges in the Epic Summer’s Sale. It is 60% off and available at only 6$, so hurry to add more interesting fps in your library. 

The Crew 2 

 The second edition of The Crew is on the sale with a massive discount, and it will be available at 9.24$ with a 75% discount to its name. 

The Division 1 And The Division 2

Both the games are available at the same price of 7.25$ each, so grab yourself a copy and start The Division franchise now. 

Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The game is available at a massive discount of 50% and available at 11.49$. So its a great deal and you Should not miss out on it. 

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