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Epic Games Is Offering Refunds For Games Purchased Before A Sale

Epic Games New Policy

Purchasing games before and after the sale and when the game was and will be available for free.  It can be really frustrating, though obviously these stores don’t have any string of advertising when and how much a sale is going to be, Epic Games has taken the unique steps to allow customers to gain a partial refund from games purchased just before a sale started.

In a recent tweet, a game designer and co-founder of Studio Mayday, Joshua Boggs, released an image showing the statement Epic Games gave to him concerning the partial refund.

Surprisingly, this isn’t just a good move for more satisfied consumers, it actually has direct impacts on the market of buying and selling video games. Many consumers are hitting by this one philosophy: “why buy something new when I could just buy it on sale later?” This new policy by Epic Games might help ease that issue.

Epic first Implemented This Method

Currently, no other storefront is offering this kind of policy, so Epic Games are miles up there. And it comes just in time for their Mega Sale currently going on.

When the Epic Games Store was first launched, it didn’t exactly get the best response, and the organization has felt those consequences still to this day. However, they’ve tried to improve the situation by offering up lots of great AAA and indie games for free, recently releasing their biggest one yet, Grand Theft Auto 5.

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