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Emma Watson Or Emma Stone? Here’s A Detailed End To The Debate

There’s always a constant battle between Harry Potter star Emma Watson and Oscar-winning La La Land star Emma Stone, who’s the better Hollywood Emma?

Nevertheless, the two actresses have built their reputation in Hollywood, and they both have a huge fan base to back them in any situation they encounter. Here is a comparison of the two stars that could lead to a long debate:

 #1. Prominent Roles

Emma Watson’s role in the series Harry Potter as Hermione Granger and Belle in Beauty and Beast is well-known.

Emma Stone has gained widespread recognition for her role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man Series, following her appearance in Oscar-winning La La Land as Abigail Masham.

#2. Popularity And Fan Base

Emma Watson has over 28 million Twitter followers and over 50.7 million Instagram followers. On the other hand, Emma Stone remains far from the social network environment.

#3. Acting

There is no contrast with acting talent, and Emma Stone is the clear winner. Her gestures are amazing, and she gets better and better with age. It’s the best of its generation. In contrast to Emma Watson, she received several prestigious awards and nominations.

This is not to suggest that Watson is not a good actor. She’s very talented and gorgeous, too.

Thanks to her role as Harmonie, she is more prevalent in the world. But with its elegance and acting talent, Stone is not far behind in popularity.

#4. Movies

Emma Watson’s making few films in a year but still earns more than Emma stone. This is the power to be part of a successful film franchise. And not just Harry Potter made Emma Watson one of the world’s most beautiful, famous and talented youngest actress. Her charitable work, kindness, charm, all add to it.

#5. Net Worth

Emma Watson: $80 Million

Emma Stone: $28 million

End Of The Discussion

Both stars are now emerging as actors and in a state of development. Emma Watson’s fight over who’s stronger Emma wins the race now, but we can’t tell what this fight is going to be in the future.

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