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Elite Season 3: 5 Things You Should Know

Netflix’s Élite is an exciting teen series which is coming back on March 13 for Season 3. The lately dropped trailer explained the things of the popular drama at Las Encinas: Polo (Álvaro Rico Ladera) has been killed. Here we are going to tell you five things that you should know about the upcoming part.

Over 20 Million Household Accounts saw season 1!!

According to a source, Elite was a fugitive hit from the commencement. In October 2018, the first season of Élite was seen by over 20 million household accounts in its first month of the premier.

The second season of the Spanish language series released on September 6 in 2019 and dealt with the outcome of Marina’s passing—while also debuting an entirely new set of cast members.

Do We Have Trailer For The Third Season?

Yes, we have a trailer for the third season which you can see here. The outcomes of Marina’s death will proceed to reflect in the third season. By the trailer, we are foretelling this might be the most insane part of the show so far.

With now, the series’s foremost characters have been hardened thanks to disclosure to evil and adversity. How will they manage the death of yet another buddy…likely at the hands of a classmate?