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Eleven People Died And Hundreds In Hospital Subsequent To Consuming A Bad Wine

At least eleven people died, and hundreds have hospitalized in the Philippines after consuming coconut wine, the police officials said in a statement.

Lambanog is a type of alcohol produced from coconut sap that has implied associated with “mass hospitalization and losses” after the drink supposedly transmitted people methanol poisoning, which can induce blindness, lasting brain illness, and death, as per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The agency reminded the public toward drinking lambanog that has not obtained FDA tested and declared the product deemed to have produced the sickness. 

The victims all purchased the lambanog from the identical local retailer, as per the local media sources.

They reportedly exhibited symptoms of abdomen pains, vomiting, and dizziness after consuming the drink. 

The Department of Health (DOH) announced 265 people alleged to have occurred ill after consuming lambanog, which is often consumed over the Christmas time. 

The Police Officials stated many patients are from Rizal, a city in Laguna, south of Manila. People have also reportedly befallen ill in near Quezon province.

The FDA has frequently circulated warnings to lambanog brewers over its huge methanol content, the DOH stated.

Eleazar Matta, the Laguna province police chief, told the sources that 11 people had died so far.

Ramil Hernandez, Laguna’s governor, has briefly banned the local liquor after Rizal residents perished. 

He offered his prayers for a speedy recovery for those still in the hospital. 

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