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Jason Momoa Labels Dune The Best Of His Career

Jason Momoa, who worked on Game of Thrones and DC, is convinced that Dune will become the most important thing he has done yet.

After the first trailer, the excitement for the premiere of Dune grows more every day. With a dream cast, Denis Villeneuve has shaped an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name, aiming to become the quintessential cinematic storyteller of science fiction in recent years. During a new press conference, CinemaBlend picked up Jason Momoa’s words about the film; the actor again hints that the delivery will be much bigger than everything he has worked on previously low blow for Game of Thrones and Aquaman?

In Dune, Jason Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, the master of arms in the service of House Atreides, faithful to Duke Leto and committed to caring for the little heir, Paul. In the trailer, we witnessed Momoa carrying Timothée Chalamet with great happiness when they met again on Arrakis’s desert planet. For the character, the actor had to get rid of his characteristic beard, due to the need to give a more dashing look.

The Actor’s Words

During the recent press conference, Jason Momoa spoke about his experience on Dune’s set and the gigantic scope the film will have for the entertainment industry. 

“How does that compare? For instance, I have never got the opportunity to work with a director of this scale. Denis is a cinematographic genius and all the action stuff performed by me is huge, but now even close to Denis. Just looking at some of the tricks, he was going behind the camera and looking into [cinematographer] Greg’s eyes, I never saw anything so beautiful in a fight scene. Generally, things Which I don’t. They look great. So thanks to Denis.”

It is not the first time that Jason Momoa bathes Denis Villeneuve and Dune in flowers. In mid-April, he commented during a meeting with Ellen DeGeneres: It was like shooting on another planet. Villeneuve recorded it. It was an honor to do this with him, and he’s a pretty fantastic cast; I’ve never been a part of something so big.

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