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Dwayne Johnson And Jack Black Tells Kevin Hart Has Changed After His Accident

Kevin Hart had an accident on 1 September 2019. The accident has left him out of work for a while. The 40-year-old actor started to get back on his feet by the time Jumanji: The Next Level press rolled around and now his friends in the hit movie, Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black, in particular, are expressing out about how Kevin Hart is a changed man after the accident.

Dwayne Johnson Says About Kevin Hart

According to Dwayne Johnson, the co-star of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level, the 40-year-old actor rose from the accident, perhaps not safe, but most surely with a new approach.

Dwayne said that ‘Kevin and I have had some lovely moving conversations about his life journey and hope after his accident. The struggle he went through was both sobering and enlightening. When someone gazes death in the eyes—and lives—you immediately become newly notified on just how fragile life is. Give a positive person a new lease on life and then make out of the way, because they are going to be rollin’. Kevin Hart is rollin’.’

Dwayne Johnson explained what he thinks happened to Kevin Hart and what his friend and fellow actor’s trajectory has been since then. Dwayne Johnson has been supportive of Kevin Hart since his accident, Johnson even dropping his honeymoon early to do a talk show interview for his pal, who was assumed to kick off Kelly Clarkson’s daytime opening.

What Jack Black Say About Kevin Hart

 Jack Black, Kevin co-star, recalls going to see Kevin Hart when the actor was still in the hospital, and the car accident was fresh. Jack Black noted there was a common refrain from his co-star during the visit, saying ‘I visited Kevin Hart a few weeks after the accident, and he appeared to be coming from a different place mentally and emotionally . He kept on stating that he was going to take this chance to breathe and slow down and acknowledge his family.’

The 40-year-old actor recently proceeded back to work on his first movie production post-accident, although he did do a good part of the press work for Jumanji: The Next Level at the tail end of last year. A few days ago, the 40-year-old actor was spotted in Atlanta, probably going to work on My Own Worst Enemy, a film that had been in the works with director Tim Story before the accident.

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