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During Lockdown, Harry Potter Stars Jason Isaac And Tom Felton Reunited Over A Video Chat

Jason Isaac And Tom Felton Reunited!!!

Harry Potter fans can’t get enough of the father-son relationship between Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton, who played villains Lucius and Draco Malfoy, respectively, in the franchise. Cinematographic He played, and life can’t seem to keep the two actors apart even under lockdown

Issac went out on social media to share a 20-minute video call between himself and Felton in support of the British Red Cross, and during the video, the Slytherin couple is predictably adorable, as Felton even gives Issac Known as “Dad “.

Sources reported that in the full clip, which Issac shared on Instagram on Friday, the OA actor is apparently sitting at his kitchen table while Felton (after some technical issues) appears in his backyard at his Los Angeles home.

The couple about their relationship, about the coronavirus epidemic and their lives under lockdown, among other things, while of course, they are constantly dating. Mocks.


The Two men say…!!!

As they catch up on what they do to keep themselves busy during quarantine, the two men say they have seen the new Netflix documentary, Tiger King.

Felton even shared his previous experience with Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as “Joe Foreigner”.

According to Felton statement interestingly, he made a movie about a year ago where they took a cross-country trip and one of the stops was Oklahoma, they were filmed in this bar and the owner of the bar was the wacko who came in with a full mullet and a hat and a gun, two pistols, he thinks he had them. They all thought, who is he? Man? And behold, two years later, he received a documentary on Netflix.

And after that Felton Issac replied that ” Wait a second” was that it, hmm Tiger King?”

And Felton reported that “Yuppp!! you got it right and what a strange coincidence it was…, respectively.

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